Aeros IV Master System – 4 Pot



Aeros 4 System contains:

6x tub outlets 13mm.

2x 13mm Tee pieces + 13mm poly hose.

1x End plug + 13mm poly hose.

1x manifold 4 outlet 4mm + 13mm poly hose.

1x Water Pump (to suit 13mm Poly hose).

2x Air Pumps Twin Outlet.

4x lengths of Airline tube 4mm (to suit Air Pumps).

4x Air Stone Discs.

4x Buckets.

4x Lid with Hole.

4x Net Pots 80mm.

1x Reservoir Bucket.

1x Reservoir Lid.

2 x Converter Plug


The PLANT!T aeros IV is a recirculating 4 plant Deep Water Culture (DWC) system, also commonly known as, a bubbler system. These are very popular hydroponic systems that require very little growing media, but do require a lot of nutrient/water solution.

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