Bougainvillea Variegated


Size – Medium; Pot – 200mm; Height – 80cm-1m

Flower – Purple


Bougainvilleas are quintessential tropical vines, known for their drought-tolerance and lavishly brilliant flowers. They originate from tropical South and Central America, where they’re called paper flowers. Bougainvilleas are rapid growers, flowering all year-round in the tropics and subtropics.
Vigorous, untrained cultivars are fast-growing climbing plants that can reach 30m, scrambling up and through other plants. We talk about the vibrantly coloured bougainvillea flowers but this isn’t quite right, botanically speaking. The flower itself is tiny, tubular and whitish and is produced in clusters of three, surrounded by the brilliantly coloured bracts.

Planting ideas and uses:  Hedging, topiary, boarder, pots and containers, climbers near windows or on pergolas

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