Almond Tree


Size – medium; Pot – 5L; Height – 1m – 1.6m

ALMOND Prunus amygdalus varieties available – Brandes Jordan, Mission, Johnston Prolific, Fritz, Self pollinating


Stock availability varies, please contact to find out what is available.

ALMOND TREE Prunus amygdalus varieties:-

  1. Brandes Jordan – Sweet and plump.  This variety suits hot climates. Matures early February.  Soft shelled.  Suggested pollinator – Johnston Prolific.
  2. Mission –  is a vigorous upright tree that produces a good crop.  Matures end of March.  Kernals are plump and attractive suggested pollinator – Fritz.
  3. Johnston Prolific – a large broad nut which also contains broad kernals.  Matures early March.  Suits cooler coastal regions.  Suggested pollinator – Brandes Jordan.
  4. Fritz – Strong nuts.  Have large plump kernels.  Light brown in colour.  Has good flavour.  Matures in March.  Suggested pollinator – Mission.
  5. Self pollinating – self-fertilise almond which flowers mid season.  Tree is upright growing.  Nut is large and a papershell.  Pollinates other mid season varieties.
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