Wilma Dripper Kit 4 Pot Circulating System


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Wilma Dripper Kit is a joint collaboration between Atami and Nutriculture and is as simple to use as a pot, but with less maintenance thanks to the timer which automates feeding.

The 4 pots are filled with your chosen growing medium, you set the timer to the desired feeding duration and frequency, and a pump delivers nutrient solution through the drippers into the pots. Perfect if you want the familiarity of pots and the increased yields produced by plants fed little and often.


System Dimension Pot Capacity Tank Volume
Wilma XL 4 90 x 90CM 4 x 18L Pots 70L

Wilma Dripper Kit Advantages:

    • –  most versatile hydroponic system that utilising a pot system;
    • –  can use growing media such as clay pebbles, rockwool, coco or soil;
    • –  ideal for growing plants, fruits and flowers;
    • –  easy transitioning from hand watering pot style to a fully automated dripper system;
    • –  takes up minimal vertical space;
    • –  increase yields;

This kit does not include any clay pebbles. See Mediums/Substrates available, HERE.

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4x18L, 4x25L

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