Rootex-G Plant Cutting Powder


Rootex-G Plant Cutting Powder

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Rootex – Cloning Compounds

Produce your own plants rapidly, easily and cheaply.

Develops roots on a wide range of plant cuttings.

Rootex – L Hormone Rooting Liquid

Strikes & accelerates roots on most plant cuttings.
Active constituent: 4g/L Indole Butyric Acid.

Rootex – G Cloning Gel

Rooting Hormone will help you reproduce your plants quickly and cheaply. Rootex rooting gel strikes and accelerates root growth on a wide range of plant cuttings, including natives and ornamentals.

Active constituents: 4 g/L indole butyric acid.

Rootex – P Hormone Powder

Plant cutting powder is a great way to get your plants off to a flying start and improve the strike rate of your cuttings.

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