Philodendron blushing / Philodendron erubescens


Size: Medium; Pot – 3.8L Terracota square; Height – 40cm-90cm

Prices:  with bamboo stick = $24.95; with totem = $29.95;


Philodendrons have an extremely diverse array of growth methods. The habits of growth can be epiphytic, hemiepiphytic, or rarely terrestrial. Others can show a combination of these growth habits depending on the environment. 

Philodendrons can be grown outdoors in mild climates in shady spots. They thrive in moist soils with high organic matter. In milder climates, they can be grown in pots of soil.   Indoor plants thrive at temperatures between 15 and 18 °C and can survive at lower light levels than other house plants.   Although philodendrons can survive in dark places, they much prefer bright lights. Wiping the leaves off with water will remove any dust and insects. Plants in pots with good root systems will benefit from a weak fertilizer solution every other week.

blushing philodendron is a species of flowering plant in the family Araceae.  It is a robust evergreen climber growing to 3–6 m, with heart-shaped leaves up to 40 cm in length

Planting ideas ad uses:  hanging basket, totem, patio, indoor foliage, outdoor plant, climbers near windows or on pergolas


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