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Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic

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Ozi Tonic is a unique bio-organic mix made from specially selected high quality base mineral salts that Ozi Magic have combined with a range of secret organic compounds, and other natural plant extracts all scientifically blended together and formulated specifically for a perfect synergy between this great Ozi plant tonic, and the world famous Australian owned and made Monsta Bud high organic plant food.
Use: last two weeks of flowering.

Designed for short day flowering plants!
For short day flowering plants that have different flowering cycle lengths, 8 – 12 weeks. Ozi Tonic contains a special form of extra potassium combined with co-enzyme activators for when your plant has completed overall plant growth and requires more energy to go to the buds and flowers. That last 30% of the flowering cycle is all important and responds positively to the formulation.

Ozi Tonic is a special blend of high quality mineral salts and a range of organic compounds including soluble seaweed, beeswax extract, humid and fulvic acid and plant extracts. Scientifically blended together with pure mountain spring water and increased potassium. Our products contain over 80 different organic compounds designed to add flavonoids and essential oils.


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