Metrosideros “Fiji fire


Metrosideros “Fiji fire

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“Metrosideros “Fiji fire” has good salt tolerance and drought tolerance. The foliage is dark green and the new growth is red. This new red foliage creates a terrific looking hedge… as soon after the hedge is pruned new red foliage develops. This new red growth covers the plant and makes a great display.

The leaf of Metrosideros “Fiji fire” are small and oblong which makes it great for creating a hedge. Metrosideros “Fiji fire” is variable in height and can be grown as a hedge from 1m up to 3m tall. Plants grow at a good rate under optimum conditions. Plants are low maintenance and easy to trim once shaped.

The best climates for this plant are Temperate, Warm temperate, Mediterranean and Subtropical climates. Although this plant has drought tolerance under average conditions, under extreme heat and drought it is important to do extra watering to maintain growth. The best soils are good well drained soils. Loams, sandy loams and sands are best for this plant, avoid clays. The best positions in the garden are full sun.

To care for your “Fiji fire” hedge plants, plant them in well drained soil with some planting mix. Use a slow release fertiliser. Water well to establish, once plants are established they usually do not need area watering, except under very dry conditions. Pruning can occur at any time of year for Metrosideros “Fiji fire”. “Fifi fire” is easy to prune with an electric hedge trimmer. Fertilise in spring with a general purpose garden fertiliser. Plants live around 20 years.”

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