Callistemon ‘Great Balls of Fire’


Callistemon ‘Great Balls of Fire’

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Callistemon ‘Great Balls of Fire’ is a hardy evergreen shrub that is a striking foliage plant. This cultivar rarely flowers but should be grown for its wonderful, bright red new growth which is borne on a very compact, bun-shaped shrub. It grows well in a wide range of climatic conditions, from humid tropical areas to cool temperate climates. Once established it is dry tolerant, but it will appreciate deep watering in dry periods. A light trim and an application of a good general purpose fertiliser in spring will ensure a good flush of new growth. This is an easy care plant for the garden, also for container growing.

Flower colour: red
Flowering season: not specified

Plant size

Maximum height: 1 metres
Minimum height: 1 metres

Maximum width: 1 metres
Minimum width: 1 metres

Sunlight, frost & salt tolerance

This plant will tolerate full or partial sunlight.
Medium frost tolerance.
Plant is not salt tolerant.

Fauna attracting?

Yes. Attracts: birds, insects.


This plant species will grow in the following climates: cool, temperate, subtropical.

Soil types & conditions

Loam: dry, wet, moist, well-drained.

Clay: dry, wet, moist, well-drained.

Sand: dry, wet, moist, well-drained.

Miscellaneous information

Native to: Australia.

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