Honeywell Aircooler (60Lt)


60Lt Honeywell Aircooler – FA038


60Lt Honeywell Aircooler

The powerful Honeywell 60L Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler can cool both indoors and semi-outdoor environments. With a large 60L tank capacity and powerful air flow, this evaporative cooler can cool an incredible 80 square metres to keep you feeling refreshed.

  • Continuous water supply connection
  • 3 variable speeds to create the perfect room temperature
  • Built-in overflow system to let you enjoy long hours of cold air without maintenance
  • Cooling media on 2 sides to allow for rooms to cool off quicker
  • Ability to air throw at body level

This Honeywell 60L Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler Is an environmentally and financially friendly alternative to larger a/c units. With no chemicals required to cool the air you can breeze easily knowing that your family isn’t breathing in harmful toxins.

Also with the added benefit of not needing to release hot air outside, the Honeywell 60L Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler can be easily moved to any room in the house. Keeping you cool no matter where you go!


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