Hailea Water Chiller HC-130A (300L)


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    • Power :- 1/15HP (for 50~300L Set-up)
    • Power consumption :- 0.8A
    • Recommended coolant flow :- 200~1000L/H
    • Weight :- 9.5kg
    • Ice Medium :- R134A
    • Heat exchanger material-Titanium

The Hailea HC chillers have proved to be a high ROI Aquarium water chilling investment for your

aquariums and other live fish holding tanks, to keep the reef, corals, and other live rock alive.

Their strong metal chassis have greatly reduced the vibration noise, and contemporary housing ensures it does not look out of place with our other aquatic products.

The digital temperature controller could maintain your aquariums at a precise and steady temperature.

Adjustable inlet and flow rate makes it design-friendly, it could go with some pump or power filter even with the same chiller.

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