Canna Lily – Red – Tropicana


Size –  Medium, Bag – 11L bag, Height –  90cm-1.6m



<Common Name: Canna Lily – Ace of Spades (Red) – Tropicana
Botanical/Scientific Name: Canna x Generalis Hybrids

Flowering: Medium sized bright flowers (5-10cm)
Flowering Season: Warmer months

Plant Structure: Single stem, multiplies.
Size: 1.5m-3.0m

Misc Extra: Like slightly damp nutritious soil. Full sun to partial shade.  Easy, fast growers. Nice deep colored flowers. Prune right down to approx. 2-5cm from soil after flowering season.>

Planting ideas and uses:  garden beds, boarders, tubs and containers




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Tropicana Orange, Red Flower

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