Blueberry Plant


Blueberry Tree

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Blueberry Plant

Blueberry Misty

Blueberry Plant Misty is an attractive fruit-baring shrub with blue-green foliage that produces an abundance of medium to large sweet juicy fruit without requiring a winter chilling period, making it ideal for milder climates. The fruit is light blue, and has an excellent flavour. Ideal as a potted specimen on the patio and any style of garden and can be used as a hedge or screen. Misty is an early season cultivar that has been shown to grow successfully in heavier soils. They can be frost tender, are mainly evergreen, and have adapted to warmer and drier conditions. Being a vigorous and early maturing variety makes this a great edible addition to any garden or orchard. Blueberries like a cool root zone so mulching is important. Prune in early autumn and fertilize in early spring and autumn. Blueberry Misty is self pollinating and generally low maintenance, although Blueberries need to be kept well watered in the warmer months. Maintaining moisture will give you juicy sweet fruit. Acidic soil, well drained loam or sandy loam soil with high organic matter is preferred.

Note: Edible flowers or foliage should be picked fresh from an area that has not been exposed to any gardening chemicals and washed before consumption. Flowers are often intended only as a garnish, and should not be eaten in excess. If you are unsure whether a flower or foliage is edible, do not eat it; instead consult a Botanist or your health provider.

Sunshine Blue

Blueberry Plant Sunshine Blue has a dense, rounded, semi-dwarf form with glossy silvery-green leaves which are semi-evergreen and a gorgeous purple-red colour appears in autumn. In spring masses of hot pink flowers which gradually fade to white, grace the lovely branches followed by lots of berries. It is self pollinating so you only need to grow one and is easy to grow. A great choice for a container. Best in full sun or part shade in moist, well drained, acidic soil rich in organic matter. Blueberry Sunshine Blue will grow to a height and width of 3-4ft.

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Sunshine Blue or Misty, Burst or Kisses

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