Brunnings Weed killer Twin Spray Pack (800ml)


800ml Brunnings Weed killer Twin Spray Pack



Brunnings Weed Kill controls weed and grasses in the home garden and features an easy, ready to use spray pack dispenser, no mixing required. Weeds controlled include annual ryegrass, bamboo, barnyard grass, brome grass, buffalo grass, couch grass, guinea grass, kikuyu, lantana, nut grass, onion weed, pasapalum, prairie grass, rhodes grass, sorrel, St Johns wart and winter grass. This product is not for use in killing weeds in lawn as it will also kill your lawn.

Features and Benefits

Ideal for spot weeding in gardens.
Non-residual and allows you to replant after 7 days.
Kills the entire plant including the roots.

Isabellas Nursery