SYZYGIUM Bush Cherry



The ‘Brush Cherry’ is also known as the ‘Scrub Cherry’.
It is grown for its hedging / screening capabilities. This fast growing rain forest tree can be trimmed regularly to create the perfect fence line hedge 3mts tall x 2mts wide. With its vibrant red new growth and abundance of showy white flowers it can certainly put on a show.
In the rain forest it can grow to nearly 30mts tall but in the home garden it could reach 10mts if unpruned and you gave it 20 years.
‘Brush Cherry’ prefers full sun and will take part shade well but the new growth colour is diminished when shaded. It loves well drained, fertile soil but can cope in a wide range of soils. It is frost tender when young.
Growing tip: Use an organic fertilizer (blood n bone or Cow poo) to minimize flowering if you don’t want the little berries. If the hedge thins out or gets tired it can be rejuvenated by pruning savagely and feeding heavily. 8 – 10 weeks later and the new growth will be pouring off it.
Cultural notes: Full sun toPart ShadeHeight: 6 – 10mts for home garden Width: 3 – 4mts for home garden
Hedging / Screening Frost tender when young Bird attracting

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