Hydroponic Kit 2Pot FloGro Starter

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Grow Room Kit On Special


Hydroponic Kit Grow Room On Special

Whether you are just starting out or adding to your already established set up, this full grow room kit will have you covered in every direction. Great for people who don’t have a lot of space!

Hydroponic Kit Includes

600w Lamp, Ballast & Shade – Quality HPS technology full spectrum lighting for a full flowering cycle
1.45 x 0.8 x 2.0 Grow Room Tent – Seahawk Tent with mylar style reflective material on the inside to ensure you light gets to the plants
2 Pots Set FloGro With Heater – 2 Pot top feed system with reservoir underneath, no leaks
Filter + Fan + Duct Set – Full Carbon filter set allowing air extraction and filtering
Beginning Nutrients and Additives – Nutrients to get you started and ready for bloom
Coco and Perlite for soil – Medium Substrate for your plants to grow in
Timer & Power Board + Extras – Plenty of bits and pieces you may have forgotton, like measuring cups and sticky bug traps

Optional Upgrade for lighting, Digital Ballast enables dimming to reduce  output and power consumption only an extra $77.00


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