Hy-gen Cornucopia Coco Bloom (1L – 5L)


Hy-gen Cornucopia Single part Coco Bloom

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Hy-gen Cornucopia Single part Coco Bloom

Cornucopia Coco Bloom is a single part Coco peat specific nutrient formula with everything in one bottle. Cornucopia Coco Bloom has specifically been formulated for use during the fruiting/flowering stage. The formulation includes naturally occurring minerals, amino acids, vitamins and buffers. A little bit like a plant and coco peat conditioner. All this extra goodness is derived from natural seakelp. When added to your coco peat the natural ingredients help create larger and healthier root biomass. This keeps your plants and coco peat healthier for longer.

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1L, 5L

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