Fishbone Fern


Fishbone Fern



Family: Davalliaceae

Form: Herb

Origin: Native to Australia, probably pantropical but taxonomy is confused.

Flowers/Seedhead: Spores: Produced in sori (see photo) between the midvein and the margin on the lower side of frond segments (pinnae).

Description: Tufted erect or arching ferns to 1 m high. Fern leaves (fronds) to 1 m long.

Distinguishing features: Distinguished by stolons that often produce hairy globe-shaped tubers; midrib of fronds bearing scales only (not hairs); fronds narrow, pinnate, frond segments (pinnules) with shallow rounded teeth on margins and a blunt tip. Stolons and tubers covered with shining pale brown scales that have scattered teeth on the margins.

Dispersal: Spores and locally by stolons.

Confused With: Other species of Nephrolepis. Boston Fern Nephrolepis exaltata, a native of America is also naturalised in a number of locations around Australia.

Notes: Native of rainforest or open forest in eastern Queensland and north eastern NSW. Naturalised in the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth regions. Sometimes a weed of gardens, bushland and cultivation

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