Birds Nest Fern – Asplenium nidus


Size: Small; Pot – 130mm; Height – 30cm-40cm


Common Name: Birds Nest Fern

Botanical/Scientific Name: Asplenium nidus

A beautiful fern with unusual, broad, glossy foliage that will add colour to your garden. Ideal for low tables, hanging baskets, containers and anywhere the architectural fronds can be enjoyed, Plant in filtered sunlight and keep moist. Water sparingly in winter and frequently in summer. Feed monthly with a dilute solution of organic fertiliser. Asplenium nidus will grow to a height of 1.5m and a width of 95cm.

Planting ideas and uses:  Indoors plants with filtered light, pots and containers, patio, low tables, hanging baskets

Misc Extra: Not edible.

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