Banana – Musa William Cavendish


Banana – Musa William Cavendish

Banana’s are a versatile plant in any landscape and can add a lush, tropical feel to any area. This variety produces large, exotic leaves and sweet, tasty fruit. One of the most successfully grown banana varieties in Perth, William Cavendish is a small growing variety making it stable, wind resistant and easier to manage. William Cavendish is ideal for large pots, containers and planted in the garden bed. This variety will thrive in a sunny position with moist, rich soil, full of well rotted compost and manures. William Cavendish Banana requires moderate maintenance. Use an organic fertiliser through the growing season that is rich in potassium e.g. Potash. Musa William Cavendish can grow to a height of 2 metres

Musa William Cavendish

Common Name Carnarvon Banana
Plant Type Evergreen / Fruiting / Outdoor / Perennial / Tree
Dimensions 2m high x 1.5m wide
Sunlight Full Sun / Part Sun
Foliage Colour Green
Botanical Genus Musa
Botanical Species acuminata
Foliage Type Elliptic – Oval-shaped, Small Or No Point
Width 150 cm
Height 200 cm


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