1Lt Gender Bender – Devils Harvest


1 Lt Gender Bender Flower Spray


Usage instructions: Apply Gender Bender as a preventative spray during the first 10 days of the flower cycle. Repeat spray 10 days later, or use as problems appear and repeat 10 days later.

Important: Do not add water, add 10ml of Wet Wet Wet per 1ltr of Gender Bender, once mixed spray immediately in the dark period or when direct sunlight has finished for the day. (Gender Bender is already diluted and only requires 10ml of wet wet wet per bottle/1ltr) Do not adjust PH.  

All Devils Harvest products have been scientifically formulated using the highest quality and purest of raw materials possible.

Warning: Not to be taken internally, keep out of reach of children, if swallowed seek medical help.

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