Hydroponic Products

Hydroponic Products that we at Isabellas Hydroponic Nursery stock include the best of Australian made nutrients and supplies.

Hydroponics is the cleanest and most efficient way of farming. Crops in the ground require mulltitudes more water and also require a larger use of pesticides to keep the nasties away. Follow our chart too ensure your plants are getting what they need when they need it. As one of the longest running supplier of Hydroponic Products we pride ourselves on the advice and support we give to our customers.

  • Accessories


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  • DIY Hydroponics

    DIY Hydroponics

    DIY Materials for your own setups, build frames for trays and pots, even whole rooms. Pipe for NFT style Systems.
  • Electrical Accessories

    Electrical Accessories

    Electrical Items, including power boards, cords etc.
  • Fans and Air Temp Control

    Fans and Air Temp Control

  • Grow Tent Rooms

    Grow Tent Rooms

    Transform your cultivation experience with our Grow Tent Rooms designed for hydroponics. These innovative tents provide an ideal environment for your hydroponic setup, ensuring seamless integration without disrupting the surrounding room. Take charge of your plant's well-being by precisely regulating temperature and humidity through the integration of advanced fans and filters. With dimpled silver walls that prevent light penetration, these grow room tents guarantee optimal conditions for robust plant growth. Elevate your hydroponic journey with a dedicated space that maximizes control and fosters thriving plants.
  • Hydroponic Feed Systems

    Hydroponic Feed Systems

    Explore the next level of hydroponic cultivation with our diverse range of Hydroponic Feed Systems designed for all types of growers. Whether you're a beginner eager to embark on your hydroponic journey or a seasoned enthusiast aiming to elevate your game, our Hydroponic Systems are tailored to meet your needs.

    Our extensive collection features Hydroponic Systems ranging from Single Plant Kits, perfect for those starting out, to advanced setups accommodating up to 12 plants. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) style systems for those seeking a specialized approach to hydroponic growing.

    Discover precision, efficiency, and versatility in hydroponics with our carefully curated selection of Hydroponic Feed Systems. Elevate your growing experience, regardless of your expertise level, and unlock the full potential of your cultivation endeavors

  • Hydroponic Kits and Setups

    Hydroponic Kits and Setups

    Explore our Hydroponic Kits and Setups - Discover complete hydroponic kits featuring everything you need for successful cultivation. From starter kits with essential basics to comprehensive systems supporting up to 12+ plants.

    This includes Deep Water Culture (DWC) style kits, various recirculating and run to waste style setups. We do many customized kits and have all the required components to increase the productivity of your setups.

    Unsure about your requirements? Email us for a customized quote or browse our range of hydroponic kits for more options. Boost your indoor gardening experience with our premium hydroponic solutions!

  • Hydroponic Lighting

    Hydroponic Lighting

    Hydroponic Lighting for any budget.
    Old School HPS and MH Light kits are extremely good value and have been a staple for growers for the last 25+ Years and they do a great job for a fraction of the price of popular LEDS.
    LEDS from as small as 100w units up to Large 1000w Units to depending on the area you are covering.
  • Irrigation & Fittings

    Irrigation & Fittings

  • Nutrient Additives

    Nutrient Additives

    Nutrient Additives, Elevate your growth and bloom by providing you plants with the much needed additives specific to your plants. Feed them a complete regime of nutrients to get the most out of your grow cycles.
  • Nutrients - Grow and Bloom

    Nutrients - Grow and Bloom

    When feeding your plants your grow or bloom nutrients is what contains majority of the food elements your plants will need, additives are important to boost production but start with a good quality nutrient to ensure your plants get what they require for general growing and flowering results.
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  • Pest & Disease

    Pest & Disease

  • pH, EC, Temperature

    pH, EC, Temperature

  • Pots & Mesh Baskets

    Pots & Mesh Baskets

  • Propagation


  • Pumps & Airstones

    Pumps & Airstones

  • Reservoirs


  • Substrate Media Soil

    Substrate Media Soil

    Hydroponic Style Growing Medium like Coco Peat, Perlite, Clay Balls, Vermiculite, Rockwool.
  • Tables - Trays

    Tables - Trays

  • Timers


  • Trimming


    Trimming Scissors and Machines

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