Start by taking cuttings from a nice healthy stem just under the third node and place them in a container of  lukewarm water with  1ml of Oxy-Plus per  litre of water or Fongarid to directions . Ensure your cutting blade is clean and sharp edge to minimize damage to both the plant and your new cutting,  Prepare your cubes by soaking them in a container of warm water with a root X-ellerator, Squeeze excess water from the cube so that it is still moist but not dripping . Half fill a small cup with cloning gel so your bottle does not get contaminated. Half fill your propagation tray with perlite and  pour in water approximately half the height of your perlite with plant food added.

Choosing were to take the cutting can be difficult but if you stick to the following steps your cutting will root and grow in no time.

The ideal length of your cutting is just under the third or fourth node.
Each cutting should have at least 3 to 4 nodes.  The roots can only grow from a node.
Remove the  bottom  leaves and cut the top set in half.
Take cutting on an angle about 5mm to 10mm below the node.
Dip cutting into your cloning gel and shake off excess( do not waste your clonex add water and pour it around your tubes)
Gently place in your moist grodan/root it cube, ensure cutting is rigid and upright.

Once you have finish taking your cuttings place them in your propagation tray on top of your bed of perlite, cover with clear top with wings closed. These wings can be opened, once cuttings begin to show signs of roots, over the period of 5-7 days. Always  foliage feed daily with a spray bottle of plant food or plant promoter . Spray your cube  lightly and do not let cubes dry out, keep the cubes moist so that the cutting can begin root growth stage. On the sixth day open your side wings and the on the ninth or tenth day open your top wings. Remove the clear cover the next day.

Follow these steps and you will have  happy plants

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