About Us

Welcome to our family-owned Hydroponic Nursery & Garden Centre, a thriving business rooted in three decades of passionate expertise. Our journey began over 30 years ago, and since then, we’ve cultivated not only plants but also a deep understanding of their unique requirements, especially in our challenging climate with low humidity.

As your trusted ONE STOP SHOP, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of over 8000 different Plant & Hydroponic associated items. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality and affordability of our diverse plant range. From Fruit trees to Palms, Natives to Indoor and Outdoor varieties, Grasses to Cacti, and beyond, we cater to every green thumb’s desire.

Whether you’re in search of exotic Dragon trees, elegant Crepe Myrtle, or hardy Conifers, we’ve got you covered. Our inventory spans a wide array of plants, including Cordylines, Dracenas, Yuccas, Lily Pily, Succulents, Hibiscus, and many more. You’ll find everything you need, from classic favorites to unique varieties like Bromeliads, Agave, and Elkhorns.

At our Garden Centre, we don’t just sell plants; we nurture a community of plant enthusiasts. Explore our vast selection, and let our knowledgeable team guide you through the world of horticulture. Join us in cultivating beauty, diversity, and the joy of gardening at our Hydroponic Nursery & Garden Centre.

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday:          9:00 – 5:30
Sunday – Public Holiday:  10:30 – 4:30

66 Jambanis Rd Wanneroo 6065 Perth W.A.

Ph/Fax: (08) 9306 3028
Email: Isabellasnursery@gmail.com


Isabellas Nursery