Baileys 4.1.1 Lawn Food (10Kg)


10Kg Baileys 3.1.1 Lawn Food Plus GrowSorb

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Baileys 4.1.1. is a premium grade, phosphate free , turf fertiliser formulated to produce excellent colour and growth all year round. It is ideal for use on sports ovals, passive reserves, parks and domestic/home lawns.

4.1.1. contains two sources of nitrogen: ammonium nitrate and sulphate of ammonia. The nitrate form of nitrogen is more readily converted in colder months and the ammonia form is slowly converted, resulting in a slower release and longer life.


Phosphate free – environmentally responsible product.

Contains an excellent range of trace elements.

High nitrogen, potassium and calcium content for overall plant health.

Two forms of nitrogen facilitate both rapid growth response and longer life. Excellent for year round results, especially in cooler months as immediately available ammonium nitrate delivers better results.

Supplies essential nutrients to our sandy profile where nitrogen and potassium are readily leached.


For domestic/ home use apply 30—50 grams per square metre.

Suitable for application to all turf varieties.

Kikuyu and Buffalo can be applied at slightly lower rates.